Drupal Design and Development Services by Hans Schwirtz, Amsterdam

Hans Schwirtz (Drupal Association member)
Designer and Developer, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Get in touch.


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    Drupal Design, Development and Services


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Upgrade your company website?

Drupal is a great Content Management System (CMS) to build all kinds of websites; from simple personal blogs to advanced corporate web applications. There is a huge number of add-ons, plugins or modules available that will build you any site you can possibly dream of. Drupal is a license free, Open Source CMS. It is as flexible as robust, and constant improved by hundreds of thousands of dedicated people all over the world.

There are thousands of websites that run on Drupal 6 Core. If you are thinking about upgrading, or modernizing, your existing website, though, Drupal 7 is recommended. Doubting wich version benefits you, our your company, at best? Let's have a coffee, and we'll find out. Soon.


Adaptive layout demonstration

To make a single website installation, like the one you are visiting now, usable on multiple mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, netbooks, etcetera, I take the responsive approach, and use HTML5 and CSS3.

To see a demonstration of this responsive behavior, resize this browser screen. Or open this website on your handheld and see how the adaptive layout adjusts automatic to the screensize. Make sure you rotate between landscape and portrait mode, and see some magic*!

* Remember; this site is build on just one, single installation. Fancy something like this? Be bold.